You ever notice how there are so many things that people just don’t talk honestly about?

I think we should be more honest. About our bodies and desires and sex and everything.

So it’s time to honest about a lot of things. This blog is a collection of my experiences and things I learned about growing up as a girl and becoming a woman in America. While my experiences might not be every girl’s, I hope they can be relatable in some way. This is my meager contribution to the girls that come after me. If this blog helps even one girl realize something she is going through is completely normal, it will have done its job.

Nothing is off limits in this blog. I won’t skimp on the awkward or funny details, I promise. Because there will be some pretty personal details about me (and other people) for the entire Internet to see, I’m choosing to leave this anonymous. I’ll also be changing the names of other parties involved. Consider it everywoman’s blog.

What qualifies me to write this? I am not a doctor, or a counselor, or even a journalist. The only thing that I would say makes me remotely qualified is that I’m a woman. I’m just writing about my experiences.

So that’s it. I hope you enjoy this journey with me.



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