If you had told a younger version of myself that I’d start an anonymous blog about sex, I’d have thought you were crazy. I was brought up in a very conservative environment where those things just weren’t talked about. It was inappropriate. I got the “puberty class” in school and a brief moment with my mom after my first period, but that was it.

Going to college helped me to really discover what I actually thought about a lot of things instead of what I was raised to think. It was after a Human Sexuality course in college that I masturbated for the first time–at the age of 21.

It took me a long time to realize just how many girls go through the same nonsense that I did: not being taught enough about their bodies, always wondering what is “normal”, and being afraid to talk about anything pertaining to their reproductive organs or sexual desires.

I am writing this because there are a lot of completely natural things that we don’t talk about or that we lie about in order to feel like we fit in. This creates a culture of fear or embarrassment around our bodies and our sensuality. I wish someone had talked to me about pubic hair. About vaginal discharge. About sexual desire. About orgasms. About masturbation. About consent. About sex. And so much more.

So if you also wish someone had talked to you about something, perhaps you’ll relate to this blog. If you stumbled onto this blog looking for some sort of answers, I hope you find them.

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